Schedule of Upcoming Workshops

Longarm University provides the best education in longarm quilting and starting a longarm quilting business. The classes and workshops are taught by experienced longarm quilters who each have over 15 years of quilting experience. By attending a Longarm University you can expect to have a six to nine month head start in your quilting skills! If you are planning on starting a quilting business, you will be months ahead of someone who hasn't attended Longarm U.

If you already have a longarm quilting machine, you will learn lots of tips, tricks, new designs, patterns and techniques to make your quilting more creative and enjoyable.

 If you don't have a machine yet, don't worry. About one-third to one-half of Longarm U attendees don't have a machine. They learn what to look for in a quilting machine and will learn what kind of machine is best for their machine quilting goals. (Longarm U does NOT sell quilting machines. There is NO "sales pitch" for any kind or brand of quilting machine.)

Each day is jam packed with information, fun, friendship, good food and quilting

Longarm University offers several different types of workshops and classes. They are:

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A Beginners Guide to Longarm Quilting

This FOUR-DAY workshop, held at Cindy Roth's home studio located in Kent, WA, is for those considering Longarm Quilting as a business or those planning to buy a machine.

Classes include:

How to Quilt a Pantograph
Borders, Corners and More

Free Hand Quilting
Practice, Practice, Practice

Starting a Longarm Quilting Business
What Do I Quilt On This Quilt

Workshops are limited to 6 students. Classes are a combination of hands-on, demonstration, and lectures with lots of class handouts including DVD's.

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Prerequisites: None.

Workshop Fee: $675*
(Note: this fee covers EVERYTHING in this workshop including all supplies, lunch, and other munchies and goodies!)

Beginning Longarm Quilting

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March 23, 24, 25, 26, 2018

Registration is now OPEN!

Just the Basics

This TWO DAY mini workshop, held at Cindy Roth's home studio in Kent, WA is designed for those who want to learn "Just the Basics" of using their quilting machine. The focus of this mini workshop is how to use your quilting machine, no matter what type of machine you have!

There is NO discussion of starting a machine quilting business in this class. If you are thinking of purchasing a quilting machine or you want to quilt just for yourself or for charity this class is for YOU!

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Workshop Fee: $425

(Note: this fee covers EVERYTHING in this workshop including all supplies, lunch, and other munchies and goodies!)

Just the Basics Workshop

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February 24, 25, 2018

Registration is now OPEN!

Free Hand Weekend

Joint the fun as we "work" all weekend to create wonderful free hand designs. In this two day workshop we will combine two great classes - Basic Free Hand Feathers and Free Hand Sampler.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to quilt Free Hand Feathers and learn LOTS of free hand designs this is YOUR class.

Not only will you learn how to quilt these designs, you will learn how to incorporate them into your quilts and into all sorts of spaces!

Bring your "problem children" quilts and we will brain storm with you on how to quilt them.

This workshop will coincide with the release of Cindy Roth's NEW and updated Free Hand Sampler Book and class project!

A copy of this new book will be given to each class participant! Each class participant will also receive Cindy's DVD, Basic Free Hand Feathers, and more!

Workshop Fee: $425

(Note: this fee covers EVERYTHING in this workshop including all supplies, lunch, and other munchies and goodies!)

Free Hand Weekend

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March 3, 4, 2018

Registration is now OPEN!

Business Basics Boot Camp

Are you machine quilting as a business and you feel stuck?

Do you feel like you are working way too hard for the little bit of $$ you are receiving for your work?

Have you be machine quilting for yourself and your family and now you want to take the leap and turn your quilting into a "real" business?

Do you know how to machine quilt but you know nothing about the "business end" of a machine quilting business?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, then this class is for YOU!!!

In this two day class, there will be NO quilting (well, maybe just a little bit)! The focus is on BUSINESS! How to manage and run your business, how to market your machine quilting business and how to make the changes necessary in your business to make it more profitable. We will also be working on PRICING and how to raise your prices, so you will work less and earn more!

Join other quilters for fun and information on how to start a machine quilting business or bring your (existing) business up to the next level!

Workshop Fee: $425

Business Basics Boot Camp

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New class dates will be posted soon!!

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Working with Templates Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to create Baptist Fans on the longarm? Have you been fascinated with Sashiko quilting? Have Cable designs defeated you in the past? And don't forget about Cross Hatching! In this two day workshop we will answer ALL these questions and more!

Cindy Roth, the designer of many longarm machine quilting templates, will teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques in using templates on the longarm quilting machine. You will increase your repertoire of patterns, increase your machine skills, and make your quilting more profitable.

This workshop is designed for those quilters who have at least one year of experience or are VERY comfortable working on a longarm quilting machine. This class is NOT for a beginning quilter. Due to the intense nature of the classes, this workshop is limited to only four students. Lunch, soft drinks and snacks will be provided each day of the workshop.

Lunch, soft drinks and snacks will be provided each day of the workshop.

Workshop Fee: $250

No Template Workshop is on the schedule at this time.
Please contact Cindy at and you can schedule a Private Templates Class.

Free Hand Feathers Class

Everyone loves feathers! But feathers, although beautiful, can sometimes be the “problem child” of the quilting world. In this one day class you will learn about all types of feathers. You will learn how to make the basic feather shape and then take it and make it "work" for you! Not only will you learn the basics of making feathers, you will also learn how to make the "More Bang for the Buck" feather, Swirled Feathers, Feathered Wreaths, many different Feather Borders, All Over Free Hand Feathers, background fill-in feathers and much more! You will be seeing feathers in your sleep and making beautiful and easy feathers on your quilts. Lunch, soft drinks and snacks will be provided.

NOTE: If you quilt for others, you NEED to know how to quilt feathers! Feathers are the "cash cow" in a quilting business. I will show you my tips and tricks for making feathers that look good and fill spaces. With feathers, quilts can be finished quickly, which means more $$$ for you, and the quilts look great which makes for HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!

To view photos of the patterns and designs you will learn in this class Click Here

Workshop Fee: $250

Free Hand Feathers Class

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New Dates will be Posted SOON!!

Private Classes

Please contact us for information about private classes. Private classes are tailored to YOUR needs and your quilting goals. We can teach a large range of longarm quilting techniques and we will consult with you in advance to find out what skills and techniques you would like to learn. One day or multi day private classes are available.

Private Class Daily Fee: $250 per day

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $100 is needed to hold the date(s) for your Private Class(es). You will be contacted and your date(s) will be confirmed before your order is processed

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