Survival Tips for Longarm U

Longarm U is located about 20 miles south of Seattle, in Kent, WA.

Seattle is known for its gray skies and people rusting. There’s a reason for this. Our winters are wet, windy and sometimes cold. Our summers can be the same way. Be prepared and have a raincoat, umbrella, sweatshirt or Polar Fleece. Everyone has his or her own “comfort level” for warmth. In the winter months I would recommend bringing a sweater to wear in the house. It can sometimes be a little cool and drafty.

If you’re staying in Kent, WA please consider the Ramada Inn. They offer a shuttle to the campus and the airport. They offer a great continental breakfast for you to enjoy.

The traffic between the hotels and the campus is very tame compared to our freeways. I am so busy in the mornings preparing for the classes that I cannot come get you but every once in a while there may be an extra body around to help out in emergencies. Please let me know well in advanced if you have transportation problems. I want you to enjoy your experience here at Longarm University and have fun.

We need to know in advance if you have any intolerance with food. Lunch is provided for all day workshops and classes. Please email me at if you have any food problems.

Longarm University classes and workshops are held in a professional quilter's home studio. This studio is shared with dogs and cats.

If you have any quilts – quilted or un-quilted – that you would like to show to others, or get ideas on how to quilt them, or any other quilting related “show and tell”, please feel free to bring them to the workshop.

Be prepared to network like crazy, meet new friends and learn a lot. Be sure to bring along some business cards.

NOTE: If you have not made lodging reservations yet, please visit the Longarm University Travel Information page. There is a list of hotels available in the Kent, WA area.

And as always, if you have any questions, please Contact Us at