Traveling Longarm Classes by Cindy Roth

If you would like to host a traveling class in your studio, please contact Cindy Roth at or call her at 253.854.3362

All Day Classes

Lecture Classes



Beginning Longarm Quilting

This is an all day class from about 9 am - 5 pm

In this one-day, lecture, demonstration and hands on class you will learn the basics of Longarm machine quilting. You will learn how to put the backing, batting and top onto the quilting machine, use the laser/stylus to create a turned border with corners and make block patterns. You will also learn how to do stitch in the ditch, simple free motion patterns and the basics of edge to edge (pantograph) patterns.

If time allows and if there is interest, I will also tell you how I run my Longarm Machine quilting business – pricing, scheduling, keeping track of customer quilts, work forms and invoices and much, much more. There is also ample time for questions, answers and networking.

Beyond the Basics – Free Hand Sampler

This is an all day class from about 9 am - 5 pm

Free hand designs are fun and easy to do and will give your quilting a very “custom” look. In this hands on class you will learn work on a quilting sampler using over 20 different free hand patterns, including feathers and feather variations, different stippling and fill-in patterns, and many more designs. We will also discuss and create “overall” free hand patterns. We will also talk about and play with specialty threads. As always, there is plenty of time for questions, answers and networking.

The basis of this class is the book Free Hand Sampler by Cindy Roth and the NEW DVD Free Hand Sampler V-2. Each person attending this class receives a copy of this book, the laminated drawing sheets AND the DVD!!

To view photos of patterns from the Free Hand Sampler Book and DVD Click Here

Beyond the Basics – Free Hand Feathers

This is an all day class from about 9 am - 5 pm

Everyone loves feathers! But feathers, although beautiful, can sometimes be the “problem child” of the quilting world. In this one day class you will learn about all types of feathers. You will learn how to make the basic feather shape and then take it and make it "work" for you! Not only will you learn the basics of making feathers, you will also learn how to make the "More Bang for the Buck" feather, Swirled Feathers, Feathered Wreaths, many different Feather Borders, All Over Free Hand Feathers, background fill-in feathers and much more! You will be seeing feathers in your sleep and making beautiful and easy feathers on your quilts. Lunch, soft drinks and snacks will be provided.

NOTE: If you quilt for others, you NEED to know how to quilt feathers! Feathers are the "cash cow" in a quilting business. I will show you my tips and tricks for making feathers that look good and fill spaces. With feathers, quilts can be finished quickly, which means more $$$ for you, and the quilts look great which makes for HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!

To view photos of Feather Sampler quilts used in this class Click Here.


This is an all day class from about 9 am - 5 pm

If you love the look of Cables, Feathers or Sashiko this class is for you! You will learn the basics of using Longarm University templates from the person who designed them. Learn how to place the designs - especially in the borders - for truly elegant and custom quilting.

Due to the intense nature of this class, enrollment is limited.

To view photos of Cindy's template quilting Click Here

Continuous Curve Quilting - Lecture Class

This is a three hour lecture class

The Continuous Curve Quilting technique can enhance the piecework of your quilts.  By stitching gently shaped arcs (that do NOT need to be exact) around the pieced shapes in your block you have a quick and easy way to give the illusion of outline quilting to your quilts with minimal starts and stops. Cindy will show you how this is a quick and easy free hand technique that can be used on almost any pieced block. We will begin our adventure by diagramming the continuous curve stitching pattern on basic pieced blocks such as the 9-Patch, Ohio Star and Flying Geese blocks and work our way to more complex patterns as the Tree of Life and Dresden Plate. If time allows, stitching diagrams for the Double Irish Chain, Tumbling Blocks and Double Wedding Ring patterns will be shown. You will also learn how to combine the Continuous Curve technique with basic free hand patterns to make more efficient use of your quilting time.

A questions are encouraged during the class.

A comb bound, multi page class handout and mechanical pencil is included.

The Business of Machine Quilting  - Lecture Class

This is a three hour lecture class

When you began your machine quilting business, how did you set your prices? Did you charge whatever everyone else in your area was charging? Or a little less because you were the "new kid on the block? Do you know that is the WORST way to set your prices?

If you already have a quilting business or are thinking of starting a machine quilting business you NEED this class!

Join Cindy - who has over 20 years of machine quilting business experience - as she explains how to figure out exactly how much it costs YOU to quilt each quilt you put on your machine. You will also learn the different between "cash in your hand" and cash flow. This class does not tell you what to charge, instead it gives you the tools so you will know what you need to charge to cover your costs and make a profit! Many marketing and business tips will also be discussed.

A question and answer period is included and many diverse business topics will be talked about.

A multi page class handout is included.

Cindy Roth, Instructor

Cindy Roth has been involved with sewing and quilting most of her life. She worked many years as a seamstress before discovering quilting over 20 + years ago. She has taught quilting/piecing classes of all types for many years in her local area. In 1995 she bought a Longarm quilting machine and started her own quilting business Needles in Motion. She has taught at the Machine Quilters Showcase for over 12 years. She is the founder and Director of Longarm University®. Cindy lives in the Seattle, WA area, has three adult children and ten grandchildren. Cindy is a 2009 and a 2006 Teacher of the Year nominee from Professional Quilter magazine.

If you would like to view some photos of Cindy’s work, please check out her personal blog by Clicking Here