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Every quilt has a story and every professional longarm quilter has a story about the frustrations and problems they have completing a quilt. Many times these stories are not about major problems—like taking out the stitching from a half completed quilt (Ask me how I know this!!) but minor frustrations that take up valuable time.

From the minor frustrations I have experienced working with templates in general and feathers in particular, I have created the Feather Guide Circle Templates.

I was working on several quilts that needed feather borders to compliment the piecing of the quilt. I started using the “regular” circle templates to mark guide lines for spacing the depth of the feathers. I soon realized that these circle templates did not allow for the 1/4 inch offset from the hopping foot of the quilting machine. I was having to do a lot of extra marking on the quilt top and a lot of adjusting to the depth of my free hand feathers and I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results I was achieving. So, to make my life easier, I had my own templates made.

I was amazed with the results I was getting with these new templates — my feathers were more uniform, I was spending less time marking and adjusting my guide lines and I loved the border designs I was creating.

I received many compliments about my feathered borders and other longarm quilters wanted to know my secrets. I am now manufacturing the Feather Guide Circle Templates and including instructions on how to use them to create many different and elegant designs for both borders and blocks.

I am proud to offer my Feather Guides to you so that you, too, can make these great feather quilting designs.

To view a FREE video tutorial on how to use the Feather Guide Circle Templates Click Here

The Feather Guide Circle Template Set comes in Four (4) different sizes and will make the following sizes of Feathered (circle) Wreaths -

AND, these sizes "play well" with each other. That means that you can combine the sizes for a LOT of different circle based designs and border options!

Truly, there is a limitless number of designs you can quilt using the Feather Guide Circle Template Sets!

Click on the photos for a larger view and a slide show.

 Note: I especially like using the 12 inch and the 6 inch diameter Feather Guides to make a Double Feathered wreath.

The Double Feathered Wreath at the left was quilted with only TWO starts and stops!

To view a FREE video tutorial on how to quilt the Double Feather Wreath Click Here

 The Feather Guide Circle Template Set is a TWO template set that is laser cut and laser etched from both 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick acrylic. The larger, thinner, donut shaped circle is drawn around to form the "boundaries" of the feather. The smaller, solid, thicker circle is stitched around to form the spine of the feather.

Yes, these are circle templates, but, they are proportional to the design being quilted and are "off set" to allow for the width of the hopping foot.

Using the Feather Guide Circle Template Set you can also quilt amazing borders!

My favorite Feather Wreath border is the "Amish Swirl Border.

In this photo I used the 6 inch diameter Template set. I have also used all the other (larger) sizes of the Feather Guides to quilt the same design in larger border areas.

sample photo

 Another great design is the Swirled Wreath Border

The border in this photo (right) was quilted with the 6 inch diameter Feather Guide Template Set and I have used the other (larger) sizes in larger spaces.

sample photo

To view more photos of quilts that have been quilted with the Feather Guides Click Here

To view a FREE video tutorial on how to use the Feather Guide Circle Templates Click Here

For information about the Super Dooper Template Offer Click Here

Bonus!! Whole Cloth Quilt Pattern.

Who says a whole cloth quilt MUST be hard and complicated? Use the 12 inch and the 6 inch Feather Guide templates to make this amazing wall quilt.

sample photo

For the FREE instructions (PDF file) on how to make this amazing wall quilt with the 12 inch and 6 inch Feather Guides Click Here

Click on the photo at the left to see the quilting detail.


Feather Guide Circle Template Set

sample photo

The Feather Guide Circle Template is a two piece template set. Each set is individually packaged and individually priced.

Each Template is laser cut from 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch acrylic and can be used on ALL quilting machines

Step-by-Step photo illustrated instructions are included!

Note: in the photo above the templates may look a little grubby. That is because I was using them a few minutes ago to quilt a border!

To see some photos of what I was quilting Click Here

6 inch diameter
Feather Guide Circle Template Set


8 inch diameter
Feather Guide Circle Template Set


10 inch diameter
Feather Guide Circle Template Set


12 inch diameter
Feather Guide Circle Template Set


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