Super Duper Template
Special Offer!!

This Super Duper Special Offer is - drum roll please - ONE of EVERY Longarm U Template that is made as of July 2015!

This includes ALL the templates listed below, all the Stencil Grids AND Three Templates that are not yet on the website.

The three templates that are NOT on the website yet are the Curve & Point Templates and the NEW Curved Cross Hatching Ruler.

Now you can have ALL of these templates for
only $1,200!

This is a savings of $177!! It is like getting several templates for FREE!

Yes, I know this is a lot of $$$ but you get one of EVERY TEMPLATE made by Longarm U! And, I'll even throw in a couple of DVD's. I don't know yet what DVD's I'll include, so this will be a mystery for you!

Take advantage of this SPECIAL SAVINGS NOW!!

Yes, Send me ONE of EACH of the Longarm U Templates!

Brand of Quilting Machine


Remember, Free Shipping all order over $100!!!

You will get ONE of all the templates listed below.

For a printable list (pdf file) of what is included in this offer Click Here

Stencil Grids

Cable Wreaths

Double / Single Cable Border

Triple Cable Template

Small Single Cable

Feather Guides Circle Template Sets

Heart Feather Guide Template Set

Diagonal Cross Hatching Template

Circle Templates

Cindy's Circles

Sashiko Circles

Sashiko Stars

Curved Cross Hatching (Coming Soon!)

Curve & Point Templates (Coming Soon!)