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Madeira High Sheen Polyester thread is 100% polyester, 40 weight thread. It is strong and easy to work with. This thread has the sheen of rayon but the strength of polyester. The metallic colors contain no metal thread, but look like expensive metallic thread and your customers won’t know the difference! Because it is easy to work with, you should not have the thread breakage problems like you do with a true metallic thread. Another advantage is that you can use this thread in your bobbin, giving the metallic thread look to both the top and back of your quilting. If you do decide to use a true metallic thread on your quilt, use this thread in the bobbin.

 The non metallic colors give a special sheen to any project. I have used the white high sheen polyester thread on a white on white fabric with great results. The Peachy Beige (#1723) thread used on un-bleached muslin gives a great effect to plain fabric.

Note: I have quilted whole cloth trapunto quilts with the Peachy Beige thread and un-bleached muslin for spectacular results!

Cindy's Suggestion: The first time you use this thread, wind only half a bobbin and thread your machine as you normally do. Begin quilting on a test quilt in your favorite pattern.

With most quilting machines you should not have to "tweak" the tension. But, if it is necessary to adjust your tension, tighten your bobbin tension slightly. This thread is much finer and "slicker" than regular cotton quilting thread. I have a bobbin case that is dedicated to using only high sheen polyester thread.

**** Because of scanning and monitor differences,
the colors shown below may not exactly match to the
color of the actual spools of thread.****

Solid Colors

 All Solid Color thread shown below is 100% polyester on a 5,000 meter cone

This is over 3 miles of thread!!!

Price: $15.95 per cone


Medium Gold


Peachy Beige

Bright Gold

Light Copper/Bronze


Dark Copper

Old Gold




Neon Pink


Light Bronze

Variegated Colors

All Variegated thread shown below is 100% polyester on a 5,000 meter cone

This is over 3 miles of thread!!!

Price: $25.95 per cone (Regular retail price: $29.95 per cone)

NOTE: The variegation is short, giving an almost mottled look to the thread. The colors are awesome! I use this thread in the top and bobbin. You won’t believe how great this thread looks when quilted. If you like “thread painting” the sky blue variegated (1601) makes great sky colors and the Ocean Green variegated (1608) makes great ocean colors.

Autumn Splendor

Sky Blues

Pastel Greens

Vibrant Pastels

Muted Vibrant Pastels

Light Rainbows


Light Blues to Silver

Muted Blues

Ocean Greens

Muted Rainbows


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