Notions for Machine Quilting

Notions are a very important part of quilting. What would we do without these items that makes our lives so much easier. The products on this page are all items that I have used for many, many years, both as a professional quilter and as a professional seamstress.

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Quilter's Straight Pins

These are the pins I use for pinning my quilts to my quilting machine. They are 1-3/4 inches long, strong and easy to use. I also use them when I piece quilts. These pins should be in every quilting room! 250 pins per package

Quilter's Straight Pins

250 pins per package


Bobbin Saver

This handy notion holds bobbins of all sizes including Size L, Size M and home sewing machine bobbins. The bobbins nestle securely inside of the soft plastic curved edges. I have two of these on my quilting table at all times! Holds over 20 bobbins!





EZ Snips

This is THE BEST product I have found to cut my threads as I am quilting. The curved blade lets me get REAL close to the quilt top fabric without cutting it. Just squeeze the handle the the blades cut the threads. No need to put your fingers in "regular" scissors. This saves time and energy making your quilting more efficient. I have been using these snips for years!

EZ Snip Scissors

$19.50 each 

Seam Ripper by Clover

I like this seam ripper because of it's thin blade. I use it to cut the threads when I have to "frog-stitch" on my quilts.

To view a video tutorial of how to Frog Stitch (Rip-it, Rip-it!) using this tool Click Here

Seam Ripper
by Clover



This is my favorite and most versatile tool! I use it as a tweezers to pull out threads and when it is "locked" you can clamp threads in it's jaws and pull with a fair amount of force. I LOVE this tool! I have even used it to help put new needles into my machine! You will find many other uses for it around the house too!

This tool is about 5 inches long.

Smooth Jaw

$7.95 each 

Mark B Gone

This pen is water soluble and is my favorite marking tool. I use this marker to mark the grid lines for my Sashiko work and to make registration lines on the quilts (including my customer's quilts) that I work on. I have used this marker for years with no problems. It is a great fabric marker for lighter fabrics. The blue marks disappear with a light "spritz" of water from a spray bottle.

Mark B Gone
fabric marker

$5.49 each

Fray Check & Needle Nose Bottle

I have been a longarm quilter for 20+ years and I have always used a small dab of Fray Check on my starts and stops. Before I was a longarm quilter, I was a professional seamstress and I used Fray Check on virtually all the garments I made. I have had NO problems with Fray Check on any fabric on which I have used it.

I have found that if I put my Fray Check in this small, Needle Nose Applicator Bottle, I get a very small dab of Fray Check EXACTLY where I want it.

To view a video on how I use these products Click Here

Note: Bottle is empty at time of purchase.

Fray Check


Needle Nose Bottle


Temporary Basting Spray

When using templates on the longarm machine, they have a tendency to slip slightly creating an uneven stitching line. I found that by applying a small amount of Quilt Basting Spray on the back (etched side) of the templates prevents this slippage.

I also like to put a "shot" of spray adhesive between the quilt top and the batting along the border edges of the quilt. This holds the border edges of the quilt in place and I don't have to stitch down the raw edges of the sides of the quilt, eliminating the chance of pleats and puckers in the side borders.

For a video on this technique Click Here

June Taylor
Basting Spray


Due to postal regulations, this product is shipped separately via ground delivery. Allow extra time for delivery. This product can be shipped to US addresses only.

Chalk O Liner

This is my favorite making tool. It looks like a tube of lipstick, but it makes a very fine line of chalk. I use the white chalk on dark fabrics (I replace the chalk with Miracle Chalk). This is a great way to mark fine registration lines. This is a MUST HAVE when working with the Sashiko Templates.

Chalk O Liner - White


Miracle Chalk Powder

The only chalk that vanishes like a ghost when the quilter wants it to go.

Miracle Chalk Power

2 oz bag


Miracle Chalk & Pounce Pad

This Pounce System includes - Miracle Chalk Powder, 2 oz. and Empty Pounce Pad

Miracle Chalk &
Pounce Pad


Pounce Pad & Blue Chalk

When used with stencils, this is the fastest way to mark a quilt. The blue chalk is non toxic and does not stain the fabric.


Blue Chalk &
Pounce Pad Set


Quilter's Wonder Wheel

Use this wheel to mark 1/4 inch away from any edge.

The Collins Wonder Wheel is no longer available, but I have had my "plastics guy" cut a similar sized wheel which works in the same way. The center hole on my wheel works well with a fine point marker or ball point pen.

Cindy's Wonder Wheel include 3 (three) wheels in a plastic zippy bag.

Quilter's Wonder Wheel

Cindy's Wonder Wheel

Cindy's Wonder

includes 3 wheels


Side Clamps

Over the years I have been trying to find a good, stable, side clamp. This clamp is the best I have found to date. I have been testing them for the last few weeks and they work really well! Even though they are light, they grip the fabric well and don't slip when secured. I really like the double Velcro straps - the Velcro even sticks to itself which means you can loop the strap around your machine in different ways. Think of those really odd shaped quilts that are such a challenge to put on to the machine. There are two clamps in each package.

Grip Lite
Side Clamps

2 clamps per package


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