Welcome to Longarm University

In the summer of 1999, Cindy Roth had the idea of having talented longarm quilting instructors teaching longarm quilters in small, hands on classes. Enlisting the help of other local quilters, Longarm University, Inc.® was created.

Longarm University has had several hundred students attend workshops and classes. Many of our students have started their own successful longarm quilting businesses and have won many local, regional and national quilting awards.

Longarm University is expanding to offer to you quilting products designed specifically for longarm quilters. These products will make your quilting easier and make quilting designs that longarm quilters have been unable to create in the past.

We welcome and encourage any questions and comments. Please contact us at LongarmU@aol.com

This is the NEW Longarm University website.

When making a quilt, there are many elements that need to come together to create it. One of the most important elements of doing ANYTHING is taking the time to do things well.

Like a quilt, the NEW Longarm U website is a Work in Progress. A good portion of the website has been constructed and you can access these pages. Here is a list of the Longarm U web pages that you CAN access at this time.


General longarm quilting information


Learn about longarm quilting and attend a Longarm University workshop or class

Machines For Sale

If you want to purchase a longarm quilting machine, look here first!

Tutorial Page

Many, many FREE video tutorials are ready for you to view

Templates Page

Information on the many quilting templates available. You can now create Sashiko, Cable, Feather and other amazing designs with the Longarm University Templates.

Supplies Page

Quilting supplies and Notions that I like to use for longarm quilting and other amazing products like Feather Stencils and pantograph patterns.

The Threads page has been added! Check out the Signature, 100% cotton, machine quilting threads AND the Madeira high sheen polyester threads which are for sale.

The Supplies Page is partially completed. Check to see what has been added!

Thanks in advance for your patience while I am building the NEW Longarm U website!