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On October 13, 2010, Cindy Roth was part of a Special Presentation to Legislators about Professional Machine Quilting in Washington State. 
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Longarm University®

In the summer of 1999, Cindy Roth had the idea of having talented longarm quilting instructors teaching longarm quilters in small, hands on classes. Enlisting the help of other local quilters, Longarm University, Inc.® was created. 

Longarm University has had several hundred students attend workshops and classes. Many of our students have started their own successful longarm quilting businesses and have won many local, regional and national quilting awards.

Longarm University is expanding to offer to you quilting products designed specifically for longarm quilters.  These products will make your quilting easier and make quilting designs that longarm quilters have been unable to create in the past. 

We welcome and encourage any questions and comments. Please contact us at LongarmU@aol.com

Cindy Roth, longarm quilter, founder of Longarm University® and organizer of Innovations - a Machine Quilting Conference® has been nominated for 2009 and 2006 Teacher of the Year from Professional Quilter Magazine.

 This award recognizes commitment to development of fine workmanship and personal expression of students; involvement in and contributions to the field of quilt making; and professionalism, including personal code of ethics and serving as a role model. The Professional Quilter has recognized outstanding teachers since 1985.

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Be sure  look at our Longarm University Bookstore. In the Bookstore there are many products available for the longarm quilter.

We welcome and encourage any questions and comments.

Cindy Roth, Director, Longarm University, Inc.

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