Machine Quilting DVD's

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Machine Quilting Basics DVD

Longarm University is proud to announce the creation of several DVD's for all types of machine quilters!

Please visit the Longarm U "sister" website Longarm Classroom at www.longarmclassroom. There you will find many online, on demand longarm machine quilting video classes. There are FREE classes on Longarm Classroom and there are classes that you must pay a moderate fee to attend.

When you attend a class at Longarm Classroom, in addition to the online class, at NO additional charge, a DVD of the class will be sent to you via USPS.

Most of the classes on Longarm Classroom include the piecing instructions for the class project. That way you can make your own class project and quilt along with the instructor.

The online classes on Longarm Classroom range from basic, beginning classes to those for the experienced / advanced quilter.

Please take some time and check out the complete list of video classes on Longarm Classroom by Clicking Here

Basic Machine Quilting Techniques DVD

This DVD is a compilation of the following FREE Tutorial Vides on the Longarm U Website:

Click on the Titles below to view the free tutorial
• Starting and Stopping Your Line of Stitching
• The Backing Fabric and Side Borders
• Securing the Bottom Edge of Your Quilt Top
• Turning the Quilt
• Using Plexiglas to Determine Your Quilting Designs
• Frog Stitching (Rip-it, Rip-it)

There are other FREE Video Tutorials on the Tutorial Page. For details Click Here

Beginning Machine Quilting DVD  $15.99  
Postage is included in the price.