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Asian Cranes Sampler

Full view
72 x 87 inches

This absolutely amazing quilt was pieced by Shelley H, Newark, DE. Shelley had seen samples of my quilting online and we corresponded for a while about her quilt. She sent the quilt to me for quilting.

There were so many photos of this quilt that I made a separate page to show them all.

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This quilt was quilted by Caryn G, ND, who wrote in an email,

"I finished the quilt using both of your rulers this was a king size quilt I used the 3 inch for sashiko circles on the main body of the quilt and the 4 inch Ying yang for the boarders. Just a little over 18 hours, don't mind saying I am tired of circles but I think it looks amazing.

 My mother made the quilt So when I quilt for her I have the freedom to experiment and I saw what you had done and love the rulers so I thought I would try it on that quilt, so thanks to you and your video and all the helpful hints it help to make the quilt so nicely done."

I have to add - JOB WELL DONE!!! The quilt - and your quilting - is amazing!

Full view

Back of the quilt


Close up of back.


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You have GOT to see the detail of the quilting in these photos! It is incredible.

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Small Sashiko Circles Table Runner

Pieced and quilted by: Cindy Roth, Kent, WA

The 1 inch Sashiko Circles Template was used in the body of the quilt.

The 2 inch and the 1 inch Sashiko Circles template was used to create the Ying Yang design in the border.

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Full view of the table runner

For the piecing instructions for this table runner (pdf) Click Here

Close up of the left half of the table runner

Close up of the left half of the table runner

The back of the table runner.

The texture is truly amazing!

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Sashiko Circle Size Comparison

Here is a comparison of size of the Circles in the background behind appliqué.

 I pieced this quilt and then quilted each appliqué with a different size of circles with the Sashiko Circles template.

As you look at the photos, notice the change in size of the circles and how it relates to the appliqué block.

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1-1/2 inch diameter circles

2 inch diameter circles

3 inch diameter circles

4 inch diameter circles

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When Worlds Meet  

Pieced by Linda Hunnell, Bellevue, WA

Quilted and owned by Cindy Roth, Roth, Kent, WA

This quilt was completed using both the Sashiko Circles Templates and the Sashiko Stars templates.

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Christmas Wreaths

Quilt pieced and quilted by Cindy Roth, Kent, WA.

I had pieced this quilt many years ago and just couldn't find the "right" quilting pattern for it. When I began working with the Sashiko templates I felt that this quilt would be a good candidate for Sashiko.

The background is quilted using the 3 inch Sashiko Stars template with Gold #1725 Madeira High Sheen Poly  thread for a more festive look.

Many times people will say "I don't like Asian quilts, why would I want to learn how to do Sashiko?" I then show them this quilt. It is not Asian and the Sashiko looks great on it!

Full view of the quilt.

Close up of wreath

Close up of background quilting

Quilting in wreath and background  

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Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild, Longview, WA

Quilter: Debbie Short, Longview, WA
This quilt was made for Denise, the past president of the guild.
The border was quilted with the 2 inch Circles & Waves template.

Black and Red Asian Quilt

Pieced by: Chris Wojnarowicz, Seattle, WA
Quilted by: Cindy Roth, Kent, WA

I used the 3 inch Sashiko Stars template, the 1½ inch and the 3 inch Sashiko Circles on this quilt.

The Sashiko patterns are quilted on a grid which must be marked on the quilt top before quilting.

This photo shows the grids, made with Miracle Chalk.  

The same area after quilting.

Not all the Miracle Chalk is gone, but will be before the quilt is returned to my customer.

Full view of the quilt

Detail of the quilting

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Many Fancy Fans

Pieced and quilted by: Cindy Roth, Kent, WA

The background quilting was done with the 1½ inch Sashiko Circles template.

This quilt was appraised for nearly $2,000!!

Full view of the quilt

Close up of the
center of the quilt


Border, corner and middle of border

Back of the quilt. The fabric is actually a deeper brown color.

I hope you can see the wonderful texture.

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